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Take advantage of the Oxhouse programme at home or in your own gym.

Our expert coaches have devised a structured, tried and tested, and varied programme so you don't have to. 

Our programme package will deliver daily Fitness and CrossFit workouts via the SugarWOD app, where you can track your progression and compare your results with Oxhouse members and other followers of the Oxhouse programme. 

This programme also contains lots of partner and team workouts that can be great fun to complete with friends. You'll also benefit from daily nutrition advice from our in-house nutritionist.


Our Fitness programme are 45 minute circuit-based workouts consisting of kettle bells, dumbbells, body weight, cardio machines and strongman movements.


Our CrossFit programme are 60 minute workouts following a structured strength and conditioning programme using constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity. Enjoy learning and building strength in the Olympic lifts and CrossFit-based gymnastics and then battle your way through the WOD ‘workout of the day’ using kettle bells, dumbbells, body weight and cardio machines, specially designed to make you stronger, faster, fitter and leaner.


£20 a month